Why MILegalize Counters Callton's Corporate Bills

MILegalize solves the issues brought forth by the Michigan law-makers including Rep Callton who introduced the bill pertaining to medical marijuana dispensaries- a plan he says that will help shape the infrastructure for full legalization. If both Callton's bill and MILegalize were to become law- MILegalize would be superior when in conflict and offers a more attractive and functional approach for the citizens of Michigan.
Callton model-
  • Big Government, Big Business, Corporate Interests based
  • Leaves out caregivers, limits participation, adds layers of unnecessary restrictions
  • Utilizes the inefficient, unfair tiered system
  • Puts a tax on medicine
  • Includes an unecessarily excessive armored car transportation provision
  • Supports an active illegal market, no disincentive for police to to investigate, arrest and conduct raids on citizens for cannabis activity, or for CPS to stop taking children and traumatizing families over cannabis activity.
  • Does not consider the physical nature of cannabis 
  • Demonstrates a reliance on the police for information regarding cannabis 
  • It is as if Rep Callton worked with the police and the big money interests to draw from the approaches that have already been proven failures. 


MILegalize - if voted into law, would provide the approach that combines the facts about cannabis with distribution models that are already proven to be functional. 
     The MILegalize approach is the preferred approach by the citizens of Michigan and would create law that legally supersedes the blatantly flawed Callton/Big Government/Big Money/Police approach being pushed through the legislature now. 
     Some conclude corruption, but whatever the reason may be, the law-makers are failing to adequately respond to the needs of the citizens. We are fortunate in Michigan to have a civic process with which the issues, not being properly addressed by those who purport to represent the people, can be placed on the ballot for a vote. In the case of MILegalize- the people can directly weigh in as to how to approach cannabis policy in Michigan.
     MILegalize is not only a viable campaign that will give Michigan voters the power to create sensible law, it is the last chance for Michigan to take advantage of a new and dynamic industry in a sensible and fair way. We have a choice, as citizens and voters, we can do significantly better than what the law-makers and the MRC and MCC are attempting.
Donate, volunteer, sign the petition www.MILegalize.com 
     There is $100k in matching funds available until Oct 28. Fundraisers currently planned for Grand Rapids Oct 8, DetroitOct 28 and dates coming for Flint and other locations. Details will be made available shortly.
We do have a choice- and we can do this- the right way!

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