MI Legalize 2018: The People of Michigan's Movement to Legalize Marijuana

MI Legalize is the people's movement to legalize marijuana in Michigan in 2018.

MI Legalize has been working towards legalization since 2015, when we first began collecting signatures. Since then, we have come a long way in our battle with Michigan politicians who have worked to keep legalization off the ballot. But 2018 is our year. Over 60 percent of Michigan supports legalization, and we are ready to take our campaign to the voters. 

In November of 2017, in partnership with the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, we submitted over 360,000 signatures to the Michigan Secretary of State. With close to 50 percent more than the number of signatures required, we are confident our proposal to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol will be on the ballot in November of 2018. We are currently campaigning for the proposal, and we need your help!

Join the MI Legalize campaign and help us end the over 20,000 arrests for cannabis use each year, create tens of thousands of jobs in the State, and save Michigan taxpayers millions of dollars. It's time, Michigan!

It is Michigan's turn in 2018 to legalize marijuana use and home cultivation. Join the fight today.


 MI Legalize's 2016 Effort:


In June of 2016, MI Legalize submitted more than 350,000 signatures to place the issue of marijuana legalization before the voters of Michigan. Unfortunately, in a legally questionable move by Michigan's Bureau of Elections, roughly half of the signatures submitted were not counted. The right to vote for marijuana in 2016 was stolen from Michiganders. In a federal lawsuit, MI Legalize is challenging the constitutionality of the bureau's actions, but we won't wait to find out the results. 

This election cycle, MI Legalize is coming back with a vengeance. We are not only larger than ever, but we are more organized and experienced as well. We have learned from our mistakes and we are determined to shake things over the next two years. We're going to prove that Michiganders will not sit back and watch more states embrace the economic and social benefits of marijuana legalization.

2018 is our year. We need your help and commitment to the cause.