Volunteer Update Friday September 18th


     I hope you had a good week and are gearing up for your weekend. We have been busy this week at the campaign sending out materials and processing signatures in the office. We are getting closer to our end date and we want to make sure we are all out there hitting the pavement as the days get shorter and grow cold. From fall festivals, to football games and farmers markets’ fall in MI is a great time to talk with your friends and neighbors about our campaign while collecting signatures.  If you need some ideas on where to go, visit our event page (listed below) or contact us. Be sure to reach out if you need more petition sheets and cannot reach a petition depot location.

    It has been a wonderful week for signatures and I am hoping next week can be even better, please make the most of this weekend, even a few hours can help us end the prohibition of cannabis in Michigan.  Your hard work will ensure our success in achieving our goal!

Thank you for all you do, your dedication is the fuel of this campaign.

-Please send in any completed signatures that you have to us in the office, MI Legalize PO Box 1358 East Lansing MI, 488826. It’s important we get them regularly, we want to make sure we can get them processed and accounted for as quickly as possible. 


     Have you visited our page to learn about the rules of collecting signatures? 

     Visited a petition depot location?

     Signed up for a volunteer shift?



  1. MSU Football Game (gates open to tailgate at 9am)

RSVP HERE = http://www.milegalize.com/collect_signatures_at_msu_football

  1. Perry Fest ( starts at Noon)

RSVP HERE = http://www.milegalize.com/_perry_fest_perry_20150919

  1. Kalamazoo Farmer’s Market  ( starts  at 7am)

RSVP HERE = http://www.milegalize.com/collect_signatures_at_the_kalamazoo_farmer_s_market_on_saturdays_20150919

  1. Downtown Market in Grand Rapids ( starts at 11am)

RSVP HERE = http://www.milegalize.com/collect_signatures_with_chefs_at_the_market_20150919

  1. Bacon and Beer Fest (starts at 4pm)

RSVP HERE = http://www.milegalize.com/dinky/collect_signatures_at_the_bacon_beer_fest



  1. Perry Fest ( starts at Noon)

RSVP HERE = http://www.milegalize.com/_perry_fest_perry_20150920

  1. Irish Festival

RSVP HERE = http://www.milegalize.com/michigan_irish_music_fest_20150920


-Chris Silva

Campaign Manager, MI Legalize


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