The Price of Freedom: 90,000 sigs or $150,000

It's not often a raw metric can be used to quantify the cost of liberty or subjugation. It's also not often that the cost of liberty for Michigan is a cost we can afford to pay in the next 7 weeks.

This is it-- Michigan voters have the chance to end cannabis prohibition and all the badges and appendices of oppression that come along with it. MILegalize is poised to become the first people's cannabis initiative in world history and pass the most progressive legislation in the United States-- and you can help be a part of history. Together we will smash the oligarchy and it's tentacles of conspiracy right here in the heartland and liberate Michigan's 10 million residents. This will be the vote heard around the world!

MILegalize is now in the countdown to victory. To reach our desired numbers for turn-in, we seek 90,000 signatures or $150,000, or some combination of the two. This is totally achievable and we will make it. In Ohio this year 95,000 signatures were collected in 10 days, and in Michigan 90,000+ signatures were collected in three weeks during the Recall Engler petition drive. Fortunately, we have even more time thanks to our hard working petitioners and supporters-- you are all the most important political people in Michigan right now-- far so more than any elected officials. Thank you so much for your efforts thus far. History will honor you with all the accolades great patriots deserve. 
Everyone reading this has a choice-- help make positive change and be a proud part of the people's movement. Today is a beautiful day to petition or write a check or get on and make a donation. Our largest donor has pledged another $100,000 in matching funds to ensure this success-- will you help? Every signature obtained by a patriot lowers the cost burden for the rest of us. If you can't contribute financially please petition or recruit someone to petition. We welcome everyone's help.
MILegalize is now recognized as the dominant force in MI cannabis politics-- just this last week CNN, Washington Post, and Ballotpedia all listed MILegalize as the only movement for legalizing Michigan in 2016. We will guarantee the option of legalization regardless of what a fickle legislature or federal government does. 
Countdown to Victory-- T-minus 90,000 signatures-- here we go!!!!

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