August 26 is the day that the era of matching funds for MILegalize comes to an end.
     Our MILegalize organization has tens of thousands of signatures coming in from volunteers, from a paid professional firm , and from our one dollar per signature people. 

     If you know someone who does good work and would turn in at least 100 signatures a week please let us know!   ...and we all need to carry a clipboard with petitions every day!

     There is no reason that cannabis in Michigan has to be turned over to finance guys from Oakland County who will not even show their faces, know nearly nothing about cannabis, and are willing to admit that their only interest is in the money it could generate. 
     We don't need to allow this! If we do allow it will cost us far more money later in lobbyists and Ballot initiatives to get things straightened out.
Chuck Ream
We have crafted the best cannabis initiative ever, and it can win if it makes the ballot. 
     Voters will reject the self-serving alternatives to MILegalize - and will embrace our comprehensive commonsense approach on November 8, 2016!
     We absolutely have to make the most of the money that will be doubled. I  hope you will give generously before the 26th of August!

     If you have not been out there with a petition board in the hot sun every day please give money to support the people who are out there.
Please use PayPal, on the MILegalize website, Thank You!

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