October 2nd Volunteer Update

   I hope you are all doing well. I am sure you are all feeling the familiar chill of another Michigan Fall. I wanted to drop you an update and let you know about some things going on with the campaign. We are inching ever closer to our goal and also to the turbulent weather of Michigan’s winter.  We only have a precious few weekends lefts to make sure we all do our part to make history in MI. From fall festivals, to football or even your local Halloween party, there are a lot of great chances left to make an impact.  Be sure to carry your petitions with you when you think you might have a chance to collect a few signatures in your spare time, every signature really does count.

      With dwindling time and bad weather approaching it is now more important than ever that you get out there and help round up signatures from your friends, family, and other community members.

There are a few great opportunities left this fall to make your time count the most. If you are sitting on some signatures please, please send them in so we can get the MOST accurate count possible.

       Now for a bit of GREAT news! We have received a sizable donation from our last matching drive. The same generous donor has agreed to match up to an additional 100,000 dollars. The matching period will run through the end of October and will coincide with some exciting fundraising and MI Legalize events throughout the state. Stay tuned to our website for updates!

This week on the MI Legalize Blog:

Jeff Irwin- Rep. Irwin talks about the new house bills working through the legislature and what MI Legalize would mean for them.

Jim Powers- Jim talk about needs of pediatric patients in MI.

Jamie Lowell- Discusses house bills.

      Please Pledge to collect signatures for us over the next few weeks. We will only make it when normal people like you demand that enough is enough.

Once you have made the Pledge, make sure you check out the events section to find nearby events to collect signatures. Although it is always a good time to collect signatures and our best volunteers keep their clipboards on them in order to capitalize on any opportunity. (An extra few mins in front of a busy post office, DMV, library, public place)

    Can’t Volunteer? Your donation will help us sustain the signature effort and maintain our office expenses.


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