My Son and Cannabis, Why I Support MILegalize

When it comes to sick kids and cannabis, I know a thing or two. My son, Ryan, became the youngest cannabis patient in the state when he received his medical marihuana card back in 2012 at age 3. It has since helped my wife, Erin, and I to bring control to a disease where we had none before. After the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled on the infamous People v Carruthers case, the legality of Ryan's medication became much less clear - bringing a tremendous amount of fear and uncertainty into our lives. Would we be arrested? Would our child be taken from us? What could we possibly do to change any of this?

What we did was form a non-profit organization, Michigan Parents for Compassion, banded with other families, and began lobbying the Michigan legislature for a common sense solution to our problem. Unfortunately, common sense was not found - instead, we found lots of other special interests, who seemed much more interested in their bottom line than helping any of our families' children. Two years of lobbying has gotten us a proposed tax on our already very expensive medicine and strict regulations that would turn many of the parents who have fought alongside of us into 4 year felons. This is unacceptable to us and we absolutely had to find a solution.

Enter MILegalize - MILegalize will decriminalize all cannabis offenses, except for those that involve driving under the influence and giving cannabis to kids absent a doctor's recommendation. MILegalize will allow a doctor, not the state government, to determine what conditions cannabis may be therapeutic for - as they are allowed to do with other medications. MILegalize will concretely protect sick kids and their families who choose to use cannabis as medicine under their doctor's supervision. Our families will no longer have to worry about being arrested or having our chronically ill child being taken from us for simply trying to keep our kids healthy.

Please consider helping us to fight for real cannabis reform in Michigan - visit to help with a donation, which is doubled until 10/26 up to $100,000 thanks to a generous matching donor, or sign up and volunteer to help us gather the signatures we need for victory!




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