MI Legalize Survey Results Show Hemp Support

MILegalize2018 Survey Finds Support for Hemp and Money To Schools in Marijuana Legalization Proposal
The online survey was conducted in January; Schools and roads are favored destinations for legalized marijuana tax money
January 22, 2017/LANSING- A survey conducted by the Michigan marijuana legalization organization MILegalize2018 offers some insight as to what state residents might want in a cannabis legalization program. 
The poll revealed "Schools/Education" as the number one destination preferred by respondents for tax money generated through a legalized marijuana program in Michigan, and overwhelmingly (96%) respondents agreed with the statement, "Do you want to see the right to farm hemp included in the next MILegalize proposal?" More than 70% of respondents indicated, "Regulate and zone them like any other normal business," when asked if communities should have the ability to completely ban legal marijuana commerce.  
The poll was conducted via the SurveyMonkey platform and had more than 500 respondents. The January survey is the first of a series of online surveys MILegalize2018 will be conducting
Regarding tax monies, the respondents favored (67.84%) a sales tax only scheme; if an excise tax was required, 77.7% said the tax rate should be 5%, which was the lowest figure offered on the survey. 
Other notable results: 85.5% of respondents believe outdoor cultivation of cannabis and hemp should be allowed; 84% agreed with, "No possession limit. There is no possession limit on alcohol, tobacco, guns, or ammunition." If there is a legalized marijuana possession limit, 67% said it should be "Any amount that was harvested from a legal grow or farming operation." When the number of plants allowed under a legalized cannabis program was asked, 46% agreed with "Unlimited," while the top numerical answer was 12. On the issue of naming the 2018 legalization organization, those respondents with a preference chose MILegalize. 50% of survey participants agreed with the statement, "It doesn't matter what it's called, just get the job done."
"Getting the job done is what MILegalize2018 is here to do," said Jeffrey Hank, attorney and Chairman of the MILegalize2018 group. "We have the experience; we have a broad coalition; and we know that Michiganders want marijuana legalization. Everyone is excited for us to launch again. This survey shows how strongly citizens believe in what we are doing and the direction our supporters would like us to explore with updated language."
MILegalize is currently exploring drafting a coalition petition with the Marijuana Policy Project and other interested partners for an even stronger campaign set to launch in spring of 2017.
"The MILegalize campaign has been undergoing a months long reorganization. We're consulting voters and experts across the state and even nationally to learn lessons from the November 2016 successful campaigns. We're excited about the possibility of a larger coalition to win in 2018 with the help of additional supporters," said campaign manager Nicholas Zettell. 
To volunteer, donate or learn more about MILegalize and marijuana legalization in Michigan, please visit: 
Jeffrey Hank  info@milegalize.com    855-426-5529
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