MILegalize - The Hopes and Dreams of a Generation

These are the times that try men's souls. In Michigan, what started as perhaps a quixotic bid to legalize cannabis has turned into a grassroots movement that has raised over $500,000, engaged tens of thousands of people, and has come as close as anyone has to ever placing a cannabis legalization initiative on the ballot. However, success is not guaranteed--- and in these intense times of uncertainty-- life or death, our liberty and our property--  all hang in the balance. 

This is not rhetorical posturing-- the medical cannabis that many need that is denied by the State; the danger of SWAT-team raids or homicides over cannabis; and the stress and harm that cannabis prohibition causes to Michigan families is real. Criminal gangs continue to profit from the illicit cannabis trade while the police response has largely been to develop into an asset-forfeiture ring, taking the property of innocent Michiganians without due cause. Families are divided by incarceration in a state hit hardest by the recession, while the jobs of yesterday are gone, or available with lower pay and less benefits. 
MILegalize represents the hopes and dreams of so many. Since the days of John Sinclair-- hundreds of thousands of us have gathered on the steps of the Diag or at the Capitol or at protests in cities throughout the Great Lakes State. We have lit up in basements, garages, backyards, in the fields and forests, in the countryside and in the great cities of this great land. Together, it is unquestionable that we could achieve victory-- yet it is a lack of togetherness that may seal our fate to be relegated to the status quo of subjugation. We are not alone, we are legion-- we must realize this and come together now. 
I know of no man that desires or is fond of subjugation. What is peculiar is knowing that with unity we could destroy the bondage of not only ourselves but of all persons in Michigan that we have not yet come together to do so. Many have tried in their respective spheres, whether it's the NPRA, Repeal Today, MACC, CSG, MINorml, ASA, SaferMich, the ACLU, or others...... but never has anyone achieved the objective or presented us with the key to the land of milk and honey. Petitions are the currency of freedom and signatures represent the value of the currency. Talk is cheap. Nothing but signatures matters-- or money to buy those signatures. Armchair activism won't achieve liberation-- only good ol' fashioned on the streets participation will. MILegalize has the funds to pay anyone to work this petition drive-- if you can work or know someone who will please join today-- we cannot waste a day. This is noble work-- laborare est orare. 
Here before us now lies the objective-- the decriminalization of cannabis for adults, a right to personal grow, a right to compete in the commercial market, the farming of hemp, the protection and expansion of medical rights for both patients and caregivers. The end of asset forfeiture, probable cause, and at least 20,000 cannabis arrests in this state alone every year for simple adult possession or use. Considering that we prevent a monopoly style takeover of the cannabis market while also using any new revenues generated for the most beneficial of public purposes-- the building of roads and the financing of public education-- the strengthening of the cornerstones of any noteworthy civilization-- one has to ask, what is there not to like?
Indeed the objections to MILegalize are trifle-- typically that it does not go far enough or it creates a new tax. Be that as it may, the overall sensibility of this plan and progress it represents cannot be overstated. 
We stand on the precipice of history with either great victory or horrible failure ahead of us. The only difference is whether the People of this Great State will rise to the occasion in the next 6 weeks and do the work necessary for MILegalize to make the ballot. This is not a one man or one group movement-- it belongs to us all, with no particular benefit to everyone, but rather the common good being the main beneficiary.


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Jackson County NORML Announces Movie Night To End Cannabis Prohibition In MI!

Jackson County NORML is hosting a movie night  fundraiser for MILegalize and all proceeds go to the initiative.  Doors open a t 6:30 and Reefer Madness and Up in Smoke will start at 7:00. Come support MILegalize at  Jackson's historic Michigan Theatre, 124 N. Mechanic Street. Admission to this special fundraiser  is $20. 
Afterwards the Night Light bar will be having a special event and for anyone who comes down after the movie and shows their ticket JC3 will be donating 5$ to MILegalize!
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Hey everyone--- it's another beautiful day to petition!!!

Hey everyone--- it's another beautiful day to petition!!! The countdown is on and everyday like today counts. Please petition and recruit and encourage others to do the same. If you need paper, flyers, posters, please contact the campaign and request a package be delivered to you. We are in the home stretch but this is where the work counts the most. We are paying for signatures and have a bonus incentive of $500 for anyone that gets 1,000 valid new sigs between Nov 5 and Dec 15.



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Maybe this beautiful November weather is here to help MILegalize!

Maybe this beautiful November weather is here to help MILegalize!
We so much thank everyone who has a petition board in their hand today, or tomorrow, or the next day.
It is a beautiful thing to see so many young people, and all kinds of people, pick up the torch now that we can see that we clearly can win - it if we get the signatures.
We know we can win cannabis legalization the right way.
Michigan simply does not have to accept the kind of "Legalization" that is put together by police and regulators and huge investors.  MILegalize embodies the American value of individual freedom and will make the new cannabis industry into a marketplace where many can participate and "Localities" can have cannabis regulations exactly the way they want them.
This is our only chance, if we fail the cannabis regulations proposed for Michigan are disgusting and there will be nothing we can do about it.
Right now we could still win the whole thing! Please help right now. This is history,
Be an actor in history, bend it to your will!



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The Price of Freedom: 90,000 sigs or $150,000

It's not often a raw metric can be used to quantify the cost of liberty or subjugation. It's also not often that the cost of liberty for Michigan is a cost we can afford to pay in the next 7 weeks.

This is it-- Michigan voters have the chance to end cannabis prohibition and all the badges and appendices of oppression that come along with it. MILegalize is poised to become the first people's cannabis initiative in world history and pass the most progressive legislation in the United States-- and you can help be a part of history. Together we will smash the oligarchy and it's tentacles of conspiracy right here in the heartland and liberate Michigan's 10 million residents. This will be the vote heard around the world!

MILegalize is now in the countdown to victory. To reach our desired numbers for turn-in, we seek 90,000 signatures or $150,000, or some combination of the two. This is totally achievable and we will make it. In Ohio this year 95,000 signatures were collected in 10 days, and in Michigan 90,000+ signatures were collected in three weeks during the Recall Engler petition drive. Fortunately, we have even more time thanks to our hard working petitioners and supporters-- you are all the most important political people in Michigan right now-- far so more than any elected officials. Thank you so much for your efforts thus far. History will honor you with all the accolades great patriots deserve. 
Everyone reading this has a choice-- help make positive change and be a proud part of the people's movement. Today is a beautiful day to petition or write a check or get on and make a donation. Our largest donor has pledged another $100,000 in matching funds to ensure this success-- will you help? Every signature obtained by a patriot lowers the cost burden for the rest of us. If you can't contribute financially please petition or recruit someone to petition. We welcome everyone's help.
MILegalize is now recognized as the dominant force in MI cannabis politics-- just this last week CNN, Washington Post, and Ballotpedia all listed MILegalize as the only movement for legalizing Michigan in 2016. We will guarantee the option of legalization regardless of what a fickle legislature or federal government does. 
Countdown to Victory-- T-minus 90,000 signatures-- here we go!!!!
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"Onward to victory" were his words

Our main MILegalize supporter just handed me a $100,000 check. We also have another $50,000 in matching funds which we want to match immediately. Our professional signature company is churning forward as hard as they can. There is overwhelming excitement in the MIlegalize Camp today.
We can see, from Ohio, that the voters really hate these investor driven legalization schemes.
Our big donor obviously really wants victory, but he has made it clear that he will not just hand it to us on a SilverPlatter. I have a very strong feeling that if we see a lot of good Donations from individuals and a lot of signature gathering by volunteers- really stepping up the pace even as the months get cold, the money we need to finish it will be provided.
This is truly a historic moment in your life. This is the best cannabis initiative ever created, without doubt. If there was ever a time to rise to the occasion and give it your full and total support, this is it. Will you remember on your deathbed that you were the one who let Milegalize die?
Please don't throw this one away
this is too valuable to miss.
If you are not out there getting signatures on this exquisite day, please donate money now!!!!!!
We very very greatly value each single dollar and each valid signature!


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Two Wins in Michigan and the Oligarchy Model Loosing in Ohio Makes MILegalize the Right Choice for Michigan

Well-- the dust is still settling but clearly the oligarchy model hurt Ohio. The numbers are really bad, it wasn't even close-- more people support legalization but the model tainted it. It's a lesson for everyone. With two wins tonight in Michigan and RO going down, MILegalize is poised to make the case that it is the sensible solution in a position to win if people help just a bit. Raising $150,000 in the last week of fundraising puts us in a strong place-- but what will really seal the deal is 100 or so people who will go out and get the 50 or so signatures everyday for the next 7 weeks. With your help Michigan will be the first in the Midwest and we will set the trend to stop oligarchy and prohibition at the same time. 

7 weeks do we want to lead or be left behind? Please help contact us to see what you can do-- we are hiring and many hands make light work. 
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MILegalize Fundraising Gaining Momentum, But Needs More Help

Good evening, my name is Chuck Ream. I have been a 33 year kindergarten teacher, a 5 term elected township trustee, a licensed counselor, and I quit all that in 2004 to run Medical Marijuana in Ann Arbor and win at over 74%. I helped form the Safer Michigan Coalition and played a part in 23 local cannabis victories in 19 Michigan cities over eleven years.

 Portage, Michigan will legalize it on Nov. 3.

MICHIGAN VOTERS HAVE MADE IT CLEAR THAT LEGAL MARIJUANA IS INEVITABLE - and now we see forces emerging who want to take the money and extort enforcement powers for themselves. This is disgusting, but they will get away with it – unless we provide MILegalize as the clearly preferable alternative for Michigan voters.

We never considered that there could be a “wrong way” to legalize cannabis.  

Through boundless toil we convinced Michiganders that legalization is inevitable. We never realized that it could be investors, police and regulators who create legalization - & suck the life out of it to further enrich “the 1%”, and pay for useless bureaucrats and cops … AND create new crimes and arrests.

We come together tonight to build the end of cannabis prohibition in Michigan – the right way! We will legalize, tax and regulate cannabis for adult use, implement “safe access” for medical patients, and let farmers grow hemp.   American voters have never been presented with a comprehensive, common sense cannabis proposal, and they will jump at the chance to vote for it.

          We begin the end of one of the most massive and absurd chapters of repression in human history. Twenty million Americans have been arrested for marijuana since I was in college. Our prisons have expanded 500 or 600%. Drug war has destroyed our American Bill of Rights, the most precious part of being an American.

      How could it possibly have come to be that the nation that was founded on the bedrock principle of personal freedom, on the consent of the governed,  holds more than  a quarter of all the prisoners on earth? A true American believes that a citizen has individual freedom – and cannabis consumers are no danger to society.

The most fundamental freedom is the freedom of consciousness, without which other freedoms become meaningless. We are here to be the WALL against which cannabis prohibition breaks down and the SEED from which American Values can begin to grow again!

If there was any significant danger from cannabis we should keep it illegal. However, data from Thomas and Davis (2009) shows that about 94% of the “social costs” of cannabis have to do with the costs of enforcement, not the cost of health problems.

Courts have now said that the feds can’t raid dispensaries any longer, so the overregulated, pork barrel legalization schemes are obsolete. Now it is the MILegalize plan that makes sense!

Michigan voters have nothing to fear from the MILegalize proposal. Medical marijuana dispensaries cause hardly a ripple in communities that allow them.  There will be few new people growing marijuana plants in homes, since anybody who seriously wants to grow pot has been doing it for quite some time. Licensing large grow operations will result in LESS marijuana being grown in homes.


     Sadly, we could never win this by ourselves, but the goddess sent us an angel donor willing to provide over a quarter million dollars. Without this huge gift, given purely on moral principle, we would fail. Matching it is up to every one of us!


To win we have to slightly *increase* our effort – AND THIS SHOULD BE POSSIBLE NOW THAT WE KNOW WE CAN WIN, AND WE HAVE ANOTHER $100,000 GRANT TO MATCH.



NEW POLICE AND REGULATORS – 34 new police officers are projected to be hired “for criminal enforcement activity related to medical marijuana”. LARA needs 113 new bureaucrats for marijuana regulation.

TRACKING – With software bought from outstate companies, any cannabis business would  have to track, “linked to unique identification numbers”, all plants “from seed to sale”, inventory, test results,  transportation details, conversion records, production facility info., name of product, batch number, package number, sales (with all details), returns, waste disposal, recalls; and more.

     Police are provided with real time access to all transactions and records, and can come into any marijuana business at any time, without any notice.  Applicants for a medical marijuana business license must sign a paper to relinquish their rights as Americans.

SECURE TRANSPORT   It is mandated that all cannabis and money be moved by armored cars or “secure transport”, from grower to processor,  from processor to retail, …even seeds and cuttings.

The REGULATORY ASSESSMENT – In House Bill 4209 there is a “Regulatory Assessment” on marijuana businesses to pay for all the layers of enforcement – which can be as high as $10,000 for a Class A grower (500 plants), or $30,000 for a Class C grower (1500 plants)

UNWORKABLY EXPENSIVE- The HOUSE FISCAL OFFICE  notes: “there is a possibility that the medical marijuana market envisioned under this bill would not bear the regulatory costs”. 


  If one quarter of Michigan patients got their medicine from dispensaries  the regulatory burden could reach $1000 per year per customer!


MORE ARRESTS AND JAIL – The Fiscal Office makes clear that the tracking law “ adds new misdemeanors and civil infractions” and will increase costs related “to jails and misdemeanor probation supervision”.





 Our only chance is right now.


chuck_ream.jpgnancial angel. If we can’t even match his belief in us and our cause then we deserve to lose;but the average Michigan patient and cannabis consumer doesn’t deserve the cost and trouble of these “legalization” plans of the 1%, by the 1% for the 1%. We don’t have to accept it; Michigan can LEAD on the question of cannabis – if we can make the ballot.




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Rooster Tail MILegalize Fundraiser Tonight!







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Ypsilanti Fundraiser a Huge Success

Depot Town Fundraiser

I'd like to give you all a rundown of the happenings last night at the Ypsilanti fundraiser sponsored by Jeff Ciphor from the Depot Town Dispensary and Jamie Lowell.
We raised over $11,000! Which qualifies for matching funds!
Most of the money came from the auction. Jeff and a few others shelled out some serious cash. The afghan made by Terry Marentette brought $300. Jamie and 3rd Coast bought a few items, I bought a Michigan-made goods basket for over $100, and several local businesses offered items for auction- including a vintage Sinclair poster that John himself signed just two days before, with a phrase of encouragement to MILegalize. We were doing so well with the auction that, at one point, someone paid $260 for five $20 bills.
The high point came when Jeff took the watch off his wrist and offered it up for auction. That item brought I think $2,000. It's a special brand of hand-made watch from Detroit and those that know of such things were gasping and impressed.
Jamie picked up some other checks that helped to complete previous commitments from the Ann Arbor Medical Cannabis Guild, we grabbed a ton of completed petitions, and were taught a lesson about newbies and too much indulgence.
This was a fundraiser thrown together in a week, based on strong connections to the community that predate the MIlegalize campaign. Our Board members are strong, and we make things happen!
Anyone that visits Ypsi should stop in to Depot Town and give a personal thank you to Jeff Ciphor.  
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