Ypsilanti Fundraiser a Huge Success

Depot Town Fundraiser

I'd like to give you all a rundown of the happenings last night at the Ypsilanti fundraiser sponsored by Jeff Ciphor from the Depot Town Dispensary and Jamie Lowell.
We raised over $11,000! Which qualifies for matching funds!
Most of the money came from the auction. Jeff and a few others shelled out some serious cash. The afghan made by Terry Marentette brought $300. Jamie and 3rd Coast bought a few items, I bought a Michigan-made goods basket for over $100, and several local businesses offered items for auction- including a vintage Sinclair poster that John himself signed just two days before, with a phrase of encouragement to MILegalize. We were doing so well with the auction that, at one point, someone paid $260 for five $20 bills.
The high point came when Jeff took the watch off his wrist and offered it up for auction. That item brought I think $2,000. It's a special brand of hand-made watch from Detroit and those that know of such things were gasping and impressed.
Jamie picked up some other checks that helped to complete previous commitments from the Ann Arbor Medical Cannabis Guild, we grabbed a ton of completed petitions, and were taught a lesson about newbies and too much indulgence.
This was a fundraiser thrown together in a week, based on strong connections to the community that predate the MIlegalize campaign. Our Board members are strong, and we make things happen!
Anyone that visits Ypsi should stop in to Depot Town and give a personal thank you to Jeff Ciphor.  

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