Why MIlegalize is the Only Choice for Michigan

     People are learning about the true nature of cannabis and the polls have suggested a much less restrictive image from the citizens, than what has transpired in Colorado and definitely not nearly as stupidly constrained as what is being attempted in Ohio and discussed by the law-makers, and the MRC/MCC here in Michigan. Unless the point is to hand over the market to a small group of investors who know nothing about cannabis and/or to appease the police with stupid additional steps that still keep the people, who choose to participate, in danger of arrests, raids, prosecution and incarceration- we can clearly move past those antiquated strategies, as far as the voters and mainstream Michigan is concerned.
     We can do much better than to create a system based on an inefficient and unfair tiered model where expensive commercial transportation companies have to be used to just move cannabis around. This approach unnecessarily drives up costs for the consumer. Other tiered systems- such as with alcohol -creates a host of useless activity surrounding the product before it gets to and can be made available from the distributor to the store- then to the consumer. The store then realizes a very small margin, and the consumer pays more along with other limitations. These things will keep alternative, unregulated markets attractive to the patient or personal user- and what revenue generation is realized in this overly regulated, overly restrictive model- will go to one of the few, already rich investors, who used power and influence and the greed and corruption that permeates the legislature to achieve this self-serving goal.  
     The MILegalize plan considers the facts about cannabis and what systems have already proven to be effective and functional in Michigan and elsewhere. The truth and models that are already working well, ought to be the basis for for consideration when creating sensible policy for cannabis.

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