Volunteer Spotlight - Steve Battershell

Steve Battershell was born in Detroit in 1969,  and moved with his family to Roscommon when he was young. He came from an artistic family, both of his sisters and one brother are all fine artists. Steve followed the family tradition by studying art in high school and later getting a scholarship to go to Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City. He graduated in 1988 with a dual degree in Commercial Art and Photography. After graduation he was hired by a graphic design studio in Midland. He moved to there in 1989 and has been creating commercial art and photography since then for clients like The Dow Chemical Company, Gerber Baby Food, Chevrolet, Walmart and hundreds of smaller clients and corporations. 

He left the agency in 2002 and started his own design studio called Realm30 Media and has survived the economic downturn, watched two competitor studios fold, and is still going strong today.  

He volunteered for MI Legalize because he has always felt Cannabis should not be illegal, and enforcement is a gross waste of tax payer money and is devastating to families. He liked the MI Legalize proposal and felt strongly it would be good for Michigan and it's citizens. He is also looking forward to being able to work with new businesses when legalization occurs and having some new business opportunities open up.



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