MI Legalize Announces Unity Coalition





Michigan's marijuana legalization organization teams up with the nation's most successful marijuana law reform group to introduce a cannabis legalization proposal for the 2018 general election ballot


April 25, 2017- The state's leading marijuana legalization organization MILegalize2018 announces official unity support of updated petition language drafted in support of placing the adult use of cannabis on the November 2018 general election ballot.  

The language was created in a cooperative fashion by MILegalize and members of the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (RMLA), including MINORML, the Marijuana Law Section of the State Bar Association, the ACLU, Drug Policy Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) and other business interests and trade organizations. 

"We promised the People we wouldn't stop fighting until we ended the 20,000-plus arrests for cannabis every year, legalized hemp farming and expanded safe access to medicine, and we directed new tax money to schools, roads, communities, veterans and other noble causes," said attorney Jeffrey Hank, Chair of the MILegalize organization. "The language that will be submitted to the State is the result of months of effort where MILegalize worked hard within a big-tent coalition petition effort containing best practices and strong civil rights standards while also establishing basic commercial regulations for an ever-changing market."

"This was a difficult process and negotiations regarding language were tense," said MILegalize Board member Jamie Lowell, who represented that group in the Coalition drafting process. "Marijuana Policy Project has worked as hard as any Coalition member to make this upcoming petition drive a reality. Most importantly, this is a proposal that the voters of the state of Michigan will endorse. We can ultimately say this is a step in the right direction when it comes to personal rights to cannabis, which matters most." 

MILegalize, along with other petitioning and social justice groups, are celebrating the start of petitioning season with a rally on the Capitol steps on May Day, May 1st. In attendance will be several candidates for Governor, as well as local officials and law reform advocates from around the state. The general public is invited to join the rally.  

"Together, united, we are stronger," Hank added. 

During the 180-day petition signature gathering drive, MILegalize will be mobilizing their petition army of Michigan voters to circulate petitions and secure the 252,523 voter signatures required by the State to qualify for the 2018 ballot. Questions about the May Day rally, volunteer offers, donations or other inquiries can be directed to the group's website at: www.milegalize.com or through the contacts listed below.


To inquire about the petition language or details of the statewide campaign to legalize marijuana in Michigan, please visit the RMLA website at: https://www.regulatemi.org/



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