Two Wins in Michigan and the Oligarchy Model Loosing in Ohio Makes MILegalize the Right Choice for Michigan

Well-- the dust is still settling but clearly the oligarchy model hurt Ohio. The numbers are really bad, it wasn't even close-- more people support legalization but the model tainted it. It's a lesson for everyone. With two wins tonight in Michigan and RO going down, MILegalize is poised to make the case that it is the sensible solution in a position to win if people help just a bit. Raising $150,000 in the last week of fundraising puts us in a strong place-- but what will really seal the deal is 100 or so people who will go out and get the 50 or so signatures everyday for the next 7 weeks. With your help Michigan will be the first in the Midwest and we will set the trend to stop oligarchy and prohibition at the same time. 

7 weeks do we want to lead or be left behind? Please help contact us to see what you can do-- we are hiring and many hands make light work. 

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