We felt joy as the tables filled up Wednesday night with great people willing to fight for freedom, and for safe access to the miracle healing and useful herb.

     Heroes showed up!

     We had an excellent auction with many Darren McCarty shirts and other great items. We raised over  Five thousand dollars - and if you were not there we need you, please, to send in your $100 to MIlegalize on the website using PayPal .  TODAY!!!!!

      It would be insane and stupid and wasteful beyond belief to lose this right at the moment when we could win it all – better  cannabis law reform than any other state in this country!

     The Michigan election law is very clearly on our side, it does not need to be changed, and it appears that the legislature will not try to kill us.

     We have one month left. It is all up to you. If you send money, as much as you possibly can, and get signatures we will win cannabis legalization the right way, and be in heaven on earth.

     If you cannot gut it out and kick ass for one month, the month of May, then who are you? How could you call yourself a cannabis activist?

     MILegalize has raised more than $925,000. With effort we can win this epic battle, and we could be easily lose it all.

      Absolutely everyone of us must get 100 signatures or contribute $400 during May.
If you have any feeling of self-worth you will not fail.

     This truly is it folks, in Michigan we can easily have cannabis freedom, or total disaster with our current legislature.

     We have come so far – in one month we could be on the ballot and headed for total victory, ... better cannabis law than in any other state.

     Please step up to the plate right now – money or signatures, nobody is too poor to get signatures – and if you are too busy to get signatures then you have $400 to give.

     Thanks so much my brothers and sisters.
For the next 30 days absolutely nothing else matters except victory. It won't happen without you.