The Senate Shows It's True Colors Once again - MILegalize Is The Only Reasonable Answer

Some are believing, and reporting, that the abomination known as HB4209, the weird and damaging distribution proposal, pending in Michigan's legislature, does not look as strong for passage as it once did. However, many believe that passage is imminent. Regardless, even the threat of 4209 passing ought to be of serious concern for those who may support a significantly more coherent change in cannabis policy.
If the police controlling and dictating policy based on their own whacked out version of what cannabis actually is- isn't frightening enough to get people to actively oppose the legislature's damaging version of cannabis distribution, and work for the only viable and sensible alternative-MILegalize, then ignorance, greed and hopeless apathy will have won.
With an inspired final few weeks of gathering signatures and raising funds- the MILegalize approach will be the sane alternative to 4209 and the intent and approach of the big money interests and police seeking control of this new and dynamic industry.
The MILegalize campaign represents a very real and rare opportunity to stand in the way of crooked politicians and cronyism and to offer an alternative based on the true nature of cannabis and the systems that have already been in place and functioning in a productive and reasonable manner for years in Michigan and elsewhere.
On a state-wide basis, and in big cities such as Detroit and Warren and little cities such as Lapeer and Gaylord and many others- we do not have to wait around to find out what "they" decide to "let us" do or not do. "They" have failed- the onus is now squarely on us.
Please get a few signatures- and/or donate a few bucks now  and this can really happen!

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