New Poll Suggests Michigan Voters Support the MILegalize Plan

A recent poll, conducted by a conservative group Public Sector Consultants suggests people prefer the MILegalize approach for legalization in Michigan.

 Link to Poll


MILegalize is the only hope for any chance of having a sane or sensible cannabis policy in Michigan. It is obvious that the facts and what has already been working- will not be a consideration of this blatantly corrupt legislature- in terms of creating policy for the commercial distribution of cannabis.


According to the current approach being discussed in the legislature; the caregivers are cut out from participating in the commercial market, police are still interested in arresting and raiding our people for engaging in simple cannabis activity, and an antiquated, inefficient tiered system will be implemented so that a handful of investors can capture the emerging market for themselves. If this is acceptable as the new approach to cannabis policy in Michigan- just sit back and wait for it.



However, if you would rather see what the majority of the citizens in Michigan would like and if it is more palatable that a fair system, based on the nature of cannabis and what has successfully and functionally gone on for years in this state- and one that does not exclude big money investors, but that does not allow them in lieu of smaller business models- then MILegalize urgently needs your support.


There is a rational, sensible alternative to the tiered system and giving control to a few people who are void of understanding the nature of cannabis and clearly not inclined to consider the functional systems already in existence- MILegalize.


Thank you to everyone who took our appeal for more donations in the final hours of matching funds eligibility! We will continue to need volunteers and donations, but the generous contributions yesterday and over the last 5 weeks are keeping us on pace and giving our campaign the viability, credibility and resources necessary to be successful.

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