MILegalize - The Hopes and Dreams of a Generation

These are the times that try men's souls. In Michigan, what started as perhaps a quixotic bid to legalize cannabis has turned into a grassroots movement that has raised over $500,000, engaged tens of thousands of people, and has come as close as anyone has to ever placing a cannabis legalization initiative on the ballot. However, success is not guaranteed--- and in these intense times of uncertainty-- life or death, our liberty and our property--  all hang in the balance. 

This is not rhetorical posturing-- the medical cannabis that many need that is denied by the State; the danger of SWAT-team raids or homicides over cannabis; and the stress and harm that cannabis prohibition causes to Michigan families is real. Criminal gangs continue to profit from the illicit cannabis trade while the police response has largely been to develop into an asset-forfeiture ring, taking the property of innocent Michiganians without due cause. Families are divided by incarceration in a state hit hardest by the recession, while the jobs of yesterday are gone, or available with lower pay and less benefits. 
MILegalize represents the hopes and dreams of so many. Since the days of John Sinclair-- hundreds of thousands of us have gathered on the steps of the Diag or at the Capitol or at protests in cities throughout the Great Lakes State. We have lit up in basements, garages, backyards, in the fields and forests, in the countryside and in the great cities of this great land. Together, it is unquestionable that we could achieve victory-- yet it is a lack of togetherness that may seal our fate to be relegated to the status quo of subjugation. We are not alone, we are legion-- we must realize this and come together now. 
I know of no man that desires or is fond of subjugation. What is peculiar is knowing that with unity we could destroy the bondage of not only ourselves but of all persons in Michigan that we have not yet come together to do so. Many have tried in their respective spheres, whether it's the NPRA, Repeal Today, MACC, CSG, MINorml, ASA, SaferMich, the ACLU, or others...... but never has anyone achieved the objective or presented us with the key to the land of milk and honey. Petitions are the currency of freedom and signatures represent the value of the currency. Talk is cheap. Nothing but signatures matters-- or money to buy those signatures. Armchair activism won't achieve liberation-- only good ol' fashioned on the streets participation will. MILegalize has the funds to pay anyone to work this petition drive-- if you can work or know someone who will please join today-- we cannot waste a day. This is noble work-- laborare est orare. 
Here before us now lies the objective-- the decriminalization of cannabis for adults, a right to personal grow, a right to compete in the commercial market, the farming of hemp, the protection and expansion of medical rights for both patients and caregivers. The end of asset forfeiture, probable cause, and at least 20,000 cannabis arrests in this state alone every year for simple adult possession or use. Considering that we prevent a monopoly style takeover of the cannabis market while also using any new revenues generated for the most beneficial of public purposes-- the building of roads and the financing of public education-- the strengthening of the cornerstones of any noteworthy civilization-- one has to ask, what is there not to like?
Indeed the objections to MILegalize are trifle-- typically that it does not go far enough or it creates a new tax. Be that as it may, the overall sensibility of this plan and progress it represents cannot be overstated. 
We stand on the precipice of history with either great victory or horrible failure ahead of us. The only difference is whether the People of this Great State will rise to the occasion in the next 6 weeks and do the work necessary for MILegalize to make the ballot. This is not a one man or one group movement-- it belongs to us all, with no particular benefit to everyone, but rather the common good being the main beneficiary.


We cannot afford to quibble or dabble or to wait 6 weeks and look back and say we didn't try hard enough, didn't engage, didn't seek...... we are trying, we are engaging, we welcome, and we knock and open the door for solutions to our challenges. Join with us today. All across this state we need ambassadors on the streets of every city, every day for the next 6 weeks.
E Pluribus Unum, from many we are one, together we can succeed-- but only together. If you consider yourself a self-respecting cannabis activist or just a good American in general, it is your civic duty to help this cause. Neither the oligarchy nor the rabble will see us through to success-- rather it will be the finest of patriots that answers the call to duty and helps MILegalize. In all seriousness, what life will there be in Michigan's cannabis reform movement if MILegalize fails? Failure is not an option in the minds of those working the campaign-- but success isn't guaranteed until those petitions are turned in.
Like George Washington forging the Delaware river in the cold and darkness of winter, we face the same. The weak and fair-weathered will desert the dedicated in this time of turmoil-- and only through great sacrifice and honor will those of us carrying the torch get us through to the promised land. 
We hope you will join us not just in that promised land that is just over the next hill-- but all along the journey where we will slay great beasts and face down unspeakable dangers, where the road is fraught with peril, but sure-footed and steadfast together we will conquer. 
There has never been a time like the present and there may never be again-- Carpe Diem. Pick up petitions and get every signature as if it's life or death. Tomorrow will be the great future YOU create, or it will be the dark dungeon that YOU helped create by doing nothing. There is a fork in the road, and realistically there are only two paths ahead.
It is my wish to give the People of Michigan the gift they deserve for Christmas (or whatever your respective faith or lack thereof holiday is)-- the gift of liberty. To be able to retire before a warm fire with a hot cocoa on Dec 25th knowing that petitions are done would be the greatest gift given to 10 million people in this State in quite some time. Please help us.

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