I Could not believe it !
Had to count again.
202 signatures in five hours of actual petitioning.
Please go to the East Lansing art festival tomorrow on Sunday.!!!!
Google it.
It is a Goldmine ...
East Lansing is the most sympathetic city to our cause in Michigan. You could carry a sign and put it down when the line forms. Sometimes I went a few minutes without a signature, but not often, and people signed in groups.
We need to get thousands of signatures out of this art fair we need all our volunteers and professional companies there – but we say this and so few people show up.
This is the time to show up.
Watch our leader Jeff Hank on the Tim Skubic show!!
and you will know why we can win.
 If you are within an hour or 90 minutes of Lansing please go there tomorrow and get signatures. !!!
New developments have occurred that make me optimistic, actually for the first time.
We really have to harvest this art fair!
Thank you my brothers and sisters,
This is the day to step up to the plate.
 Petitioning is tough, but this is as good as it gets
 – you have to get in there and park and get to the site – but it is a great fair, full of our supporters.
I will send $1000 tonight to MILEGALIZE legalize using PayPal on the website,
I hope you will send as much as you can, especially if you can't be there tomorrow petitioning. Thanks!