MILegalize is not only the best option for the citizens of Michigan

MILegalize is not only the best option for the citizens of Michigan, it is now the only sane and sensible choice.

Some suggest that we swallow the "bitter pill" and let rich investors, crooked officials and law enforcement pave the way for legalization. At least in Michigan- there is more than one option.

The only viable approach to sensible cannabis policy in Michigan without unnecessary restrictions and costs - is MILegalize.

The Michigan legislature is creating an overly regulated system that will allow the illegal markets to thrive. If you currently have a business in, or related to, the cannabis industry or aspire to do so, and do not want the situation as you know it, to completely take a turn for the worse- if a level and fair playing field with which to compete in this new and dynamic market is a more appealing scenario, it is urgent that you support the MILegalize comprehensive approach to cannabis law reform.

Corrupted politicians, greedy big money interests, and the police- dictating cannabis policy based on myths and their own respective interests- does not equal a reasonable and functional law.

Donate, volunteer, sign - $100,000 in matching funds for October. There will also be three major fundraisers in Flint Oct 17, Detroit Oct 28and Grand Rapids Oct




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