MILegalize eventful week update

Happy Friday!

    We made it through another week! We have had a very busy week in the office, there is a lot of news to update you on before you start your weekend.  On Tuesday some pieces of legislation started moving through the Michigan legislature regarding medical marijuana. We have seen a lot of questions coming in to us through social media and our emails about this topic. I thought I would compile a couple articles and blog piece that I think best describe these bills.

    1. Jeff Hank on MI Legislature

    2. Jamie Lowell

    3. Mlive Article

As you will see after reading up on these bills MI Legalize is now more necessary than ever. All week people have been getting FIRED UP! They know that our petition is the ONLY option we have to get a real comprehensive legalization plan that is fair and sane. We have already seen an uptick in volunteer sign ups and in volunteer signatures turned into the office since news of the bills on Tuesday. Now is our time, we have three months left to show the lobbyists and special interests that we want something better for our state.

Please Pledge to collect signatures for us over the next few weeks. We will only make it when normal people like you demand that enough is enough.

Once you have made the Pledge, make sure you check out the events section to find nearby events to collect signatures. Although it is always a good time to collect signatures and our best volunteers keep their clipboards on them in order to capitalize on any opportunity. (an extra few mins in front of a busy post office, DMV, library, public place)

    Can’t Volunteer? Your donation will help us sustain the signature effort and maintain our office expenses.

    Your support has been overwhelming and I am truly in awe of all your passion and dedication to this issue. We will complete this campaign only with your continued support and dedication, I am hoping we can all dig deep this next few months and ensure that reach our goal. Thank you for your support and all of your hard work.

-Onward to Victory

Chris Silva


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