March 8th Signature Drive Act Now!

   March 8th is gearing up to be one of the most contested primary elections in our states history. Voters from both parties will be out to help select their nominee for November 2016. We hope whoever wins will strive for an end to prohibition. But we know we cannot wait for that to happen. We know we need to be out there now creating the change we need in our society. We are hoping you can give a few hours this election-day, you can make sure you do your part to help us make the ballot. This will be the single best day to volunteer and give your time.

     Please the link below to find the polling place nearest you, if they are available please call us at, 517-215-6956 or email to sign up for a shift. Be sure to tell us the specific address and time you can make. Also be sure to let us know if you need petitions!

     Together we can win and together we will make a difference for our community.



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