Lansing Politicians Force the Need for MILegalize Now More Than Ever

After all the years of fighting for patients and caregivers-- is this what we settle for? If it's true the MCC has pulled it's petition, and the MRC has no ballot proposal yet, then MILegalize is the most realistic chance to get so many things-- the end of technical violations of the MMMA leading to possible criminal penalties; the rights of patients and caregivers expanded; no tax on medical cannabis; safe access; non-flower medicines; decriminalization of adult use and a personal right to grow without any license or seed-to-sale tracking; and the ability to have larger grows, testing facilities, processing facilities, hemp farms, and more, with a basic locally approved license-- no centralization of power that can be easily corrupted by a few persons. Additionally we prohibit a per se nanogram limit for driving, protect the right to bear arms, child custody, and create legally enforceable contracts and insurable interests in the cannabis industry. We do this without getting bogged down in over-regulation, instead creating sensible ground rules that provide basic public safety and public health protections. We ensure no tax on medical and reasonable taxation on adult use. 
MILegalize is about halfway through it's campaign. To date, things are going very well and we are picking up more momentum and allies daily. That said, the next three months are crucial. We need to raise $250k-- quickly-- and we need people who are tired of the status quo and who want better to pickup a clipboard and get 500 or 1000 signatures and recruit a few friends to do the same. Together we can win, but divided or half-interested Michigan's cannabis community will remain second-class, without progress towards sensible legalization and with continued sub-par legislative and judicial attacks on the MMMA. Most ballot initiatives require $1 million...we are going to do it for substantially less, but the money makes the job easier. Nothing good just happens by hoping others will do it, but amazing good comes from many people coming together to help. A small group can change the course of history, and I invite you to take part. If you sit on the sidelines you have little legitimacy in complaining and history will be written and you won't be part of the Michigan miracle. What kind of legacy as cannabis activists do we want? 
Today-- we received a pledge of $10,000 from some Detroit area allies that are fed up with the Legislative debacle. We are currently scheduled for an October 8th fundraiser in Grand Rapids at the Richard App Art Gallery, and for October 28th for a Detroit Dinner of Champions-- details to be announced shortly. These two events give everyone an opportunity to donate, collect signatures, or attend and mingle with like-minded people. If we rally now, we will guarantee giving voters an option at the ballot, and we will send a strong message to the Legislature and others about what kind of bills are more appropriate. 
Donate today at or contact the campaign via our webpage or to get some petitions or sign up for either the Grand Rapids or Detroit area dinner.

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