Because of the fantastic work of MILegalize volunteers, MILegalize will be submitting signatures to the state Bureau of Elections on Wednesday June 1. The People of Michigan have spoken in favor of MILegalize and are demanding Michigan citizens be allowed to vote for legalization of cannabis. The plan they favor is the MILegalize plan for sensible cannabis law reforms, new jobs, and new tax revenue for schools, roads, and local communities.
This is a last call for turn-in of all petitions. Once MILegalize submits to the state, it cannot use or accept any additional petitions. People can still sign the petition Wednesday morning. Petitions can be delivered to hubs that are open across the State in the early morning, or delivered to campaign headquarters in Lansing no later than 1 pm. In the event you are running late you can bring petitions to the Bureau of Elections in Lansing by 3 pm to give to an MILegalize representative. For delivery or pickup facilitation contact info@milegalize.com
Petition hubs-- call in the morning first or deliver personally to Lansinghttp://www.milegalize.com/petition_locations. Drivers will be coming from Traverse City, Oscoda, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Jackson and Flint late Wednesday morning. It is not too late to get your petitions in or have someone sign!!! Every signature is important. 
Meet with hubs no later than 10:00 AM.
MILegalize is now gearing up for round two of the campaign-- fighting for ballot qualification so that the People can vote yes for MILegalize in November. We will fight for the rights of every Michigan voter that signed the petition. In order to run a media and education campaign, as well as prepare for legal battles and canvassing staff, MILegalize needs to continue to raise money to win. Please help us keep the momentum going by making an online contribution today at https://milegalize.nationbuilder.com/donate