About the Initiative

  • Legalize all forms marijuana for adults 21 and older- including topicals, oils, and tinctures.
  • Allow for adults to cultivate up to 12 plants.
  • Allow for the cultivation, possession, and otherwise processing of hemp and hemp products.
  • Grants medical marijuana patients & consumers additional legal protections.
  • Provide licensing to marijuana establishments and cultivation facilities.
  • Allow a ten percent excise tax on recreational marijuana sales that will contribute to state funds for education, transportation and a portion for local government, tax will not apply to  medical marijuana patients.  
  • Remove all criminal penalties for distribution, cultivation, and possession of marijuana with the exception of sale to an unauthorized minor.
  • Allow for civil infractions to be issued if the person is in violation of the act.
  • Protect consumers from search, seizure, and investigation by law enforcement for marijuana related offenses.
  • Authorize local units of government to adopt limited regulation of marihuana facilities and stores.

    MI LEGALIZE 2018 plans to stick to these original core beliefs for our upcoming proposal. We are accepting feedback and will continue to consult with community leaders to ensure our 2018 language is stronger and more comprehensive than ever.

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