MILegalize is still in this race, and nobody has a better chance to win legalization in Michigan.
     We are nearing the halfway point in the six-month period that we have to get 252,000 signatures to put marijuana legalization *the right way* on the 2016 ballot in Michigan. Our media man Rick Thompson will be releasing an important report soon.
     The actions of each one of us over the next 90 days will determine how marijuana is regulated in Michigan. Big-time money men from the Oakland County Republican Party are planning to make marijuana their own – only three months are left to stop this.
     The plans of our opponents would not actually decriminalize marijuana, there would be still plenty of crimes left for their buddies in the police to prosecute and plenty of prisons humming along as usual.
     Their complex plans would feed the money to their cronies and keep prices high - the black market would flourish and busts would go on and on.
     MILegalize decriminalizes the whole question of marijuana and puts control of the industry in the hands of local communities, where it belongs. We have to remember this is an extraordinarily safe substance.
     MILegalize is basically on target with signatures, but we have no extra or "buffer". We passed six figures in terms of signatures weeks ago.
     Everyone who gave money needs to give again, and everyone who gets this message needs to get signatures and become a petition hub, meaning that you can give out petitions to people and receive them back.
Please broadcast this message beyond these lists.
     Our effort has to grow in order to win.         Personally I have focused on fundraising and writing but now I will have to get more petition sheets on my boards and fill them up, and so will all of us. I will go to some football games, and theater lines, and down main street.


Each one of us needs to be carrying a petition board at all times, like superhero Rep. Irwin.
      It's quite amazing that we could still be in the position to win this, so let's do our historic duty and fire up big time.
     Our opponents may not be in as good a shape as they seem. The MCC may have a few more signatures than us right now but they evidently have run into fundraising trouble.
     The MRC is going to run headlong into Michiganders deep antipathy toward monopoly, and fail at the ballot box - if they get that far.
     The authentic marijuana law reform movement in Michigan can clearly still win the vote  on November 8, 2016 if we pick up the pace, give money, and get signatures.
     We do need another big money angel who wants to see marijuana decriminalized and this homegrown human rights disaster truly ended in Michigan. We also need a hell of a lot of thousand dollar and $100 contributions.
     Anyone with any sort of cannabis distribution business should put thousands of dollars into this since otherwise they will soon be history.
     We also need to be continually extending our tremendous, essential, and beloved volunteer base.
We buy a bare majority of our signatures from a firm, so we need money desperately, but get nearly half of our signatures from our astoundingly dedicated great volunteers. I certainly hope we keep the names of the best of them and make sure they get jobs in the industry if they wish.
     Please give money to MILegalize using PayPal on our website, or mail checks to MILegalize, PO Box 1358, East Lansing Michigan, 48826!
     We all need to get signatures but if,
for some reason,
you can only get a few you can at least be a hub!
     You would just have to get a pile of petitions and buy some clipboards (or get our cheap ones from the office in Lansing), and then get petitions out to people who want them and collect petitions that are finished and make sure they are turned in.
      All of us can do that much, please get a pile of petitions and be a hub!
      Please give now and get those petitions in your hand. We soon will announce three big fundraising dinners in Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Detroit. Now is the time to come together and redouble our efforts, and win.
     Thanks for listening, my brothers and sisters.

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