"Onward to victory" were his words

Our main MILegalize supporter just handed me a $100,000 check. We also have another $50,000 in matching funds which we want to match immediately. Our professional signature company is churning forward as hard as they can. There is overwhelming excitement in the MIlegalize Camp today.
We can see, from Ohio, that the voters really hate these investor driven legalization schemes.
Our big donor obviously really wants victory, but he has made it clear that he will not just hand it to us on a SilverPlatter. I have a very strong feeling that if we see a lot of good Donations from individuals and a lot of signature gathering by volunteers- really stepping up the pace even as the months get cold, the money we need to finish it will be provided.
This is truly a historic moment in your life. This is the best cannabis initiative ever created, without doubt. If there was ever a time to rise to the occasion and give it your full and total support, this is it. Will you remember on your deathbed that you were the one who let Milegalize die?
Please don't throw this one away
this is too valuable to miss.
If you are not out there getting signatures on this exquisite day, please donate money now!!!!!!
We very very greatly value each single dollar and each valid signature!


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